audience members on stage at The Comedy Barn

4 Things You’ll Love About the Audience Participation at Our Pigeon Forge Show

If you’ve been to The Comedy Barn before, you know that we like to include audience participation in every show. In fact, it’s quickly become one of our guests’ favorite parts of the night, and once you visit, you’ll understand why! Here are the top 4 things you’ll love about the audience participation at our Pigeon Forge show.

1. No Two Shows Are the Same

We love welcoming guests back to our show year after year! What’s great about the audience participation portions of our show is that it means no two shows are the same. You never know what’s going to come out of our audience members’ mouths or how they’re going to act! It makes every show special and unique in its own way.

2. Memorable Experience

Another reason guests love the audience participation at our show is because there’s a chance they’ll get picked! Nothing makes your experience more memorable than being chosen to go on stage. It’s a moment you and your family will never forget and can talk about for years to come!

3. Fun for Kids

kids on stage at The Comedy Barn

Who are the biggest fans of our audience participation portions of the show? Kids, of course! The Comedy Barn is loved by kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. When they visit our Pigeon Forge show, they’ll have the opportunity to get involved! They’ll feel like the stars of the show when they get pulled on stage. If Mom and Dad get pulled on stage too, they’ll love it even more!

4. Improvisation

The audience members aren’t the only ones who love this aspect of our show — our comedians love it too! Since you never know what our audience members are going to say or do, it gives our performers the chance to showcase their improvisation skills. They’ll have to think on their feet when responding and interacting with our guests. It makes the experience more fun for everyone!

About Our Pigeon Forge Show

The Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge

Audience participation is just one of the many great features at our Pigeon Forge show. The Comedy Barn is a night full of a thousand laughs — guaranteed! Not only do we have hilarious comedians, we also have talented jugglers, singers, dancers, and ventriloquists who are all experts at making people laugh. Human performers aren’t the only ones keeping you entertained, though! We have a rotating cast of barnyard animals, including dogs, cats, and birds. Watch as the animals show off their unique skills! Be sure to stop by the gift shop before you leave to get a Comedy Barn t-shirt or souvenir to take back home with you!

Now that you know what you’ll love about the audience participation at our show, it’s time to start planning your visit. Remember, you might be one of the lucky ones who get chosen to participate! Learn what else guests love about our Pigeon Forge show, then plan your trip!