singer and guitar players at The Comedy Barn

Uncovering the Top Secrets About Our Pigeon Forge Show

The Comedy Barn Theater is the most successful and most attended clean comedy theater! We love welcoming guests, both new and returning, each year for thousands of laughs and plenty of fun. Whether you’re visiting with your sweetheart, your teenagers, or your young children, you’re in for a treat. Although we’re a well-known attraction, there are some interesting things you may not know about us, and we’re ready to share them! We’re uncovering the top secrets about our Pigeon Forge show:

No 2 Shows Are the Same

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen our show once or 20 times — no two shows at The Comedy Barn are exactly the same. While the basis of our show remains the same, we incorporate some different material to guarantee it’s always fresh and entertaining. We also love getting the audience involved in special acts throughout our show! You never know how the audience members will react, and it gives our comedians a chance to show off their improvisation skills.

Tasty Concessions

Although we’re not a dinner show, that doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry when you visit us! We offer a variety of concessions that are sure to satisfy every appetite. You can find everything from hot dogs and hot pretzels to ice cream and fudge. Grab your snacks before the show starts or during intermission so you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Animals Make an Appearance

Cat performer at The Comedy Barn

Comedians aren’t the only performers you’ll see on our stage. We also have special animal performers ready to show off their unique skills. Each show features talented dogs, house cats, or birds. Watch dogs performing tricks, house cats crossing a beam, and birds playing basketball!


Our entertaining show lasts about 90 minutes, so we like to give our audience members a break to wipe their tears from all their laughter and grab some snacks from our concession stand. This is also a great time to purchase a souvenir photo or t-shirt from our gift shop!

Interaction With the Cast

Aside from our audience participation, did you know you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with some of our cast members? Our cast loves chatting with all of you and learning more about the incredible guests we get at our show. They’ll talk to the audience before the show, as well as during intermission. It makes the night even more memorable for both our guests and our cast!

More Than Just Comedy

Juggler at The Comedy Barn

We’re known for having clean comedy that results in endless laughter from our audience, but did you know that we have so much more than that, too? Each of our performers have mastered the ability to make you laugh, but our comedy variety show also features jugglers, ventriloquists, stunts and tricks, live music, and clogging. You’ll be wowed by the talent from our singers, want to tap your feet along with our cloggers, and be mesmerized by our juggler as he juggles items others wouldn’t dare to try. All aspects of our show come together to create an unforgettable and hilarious performance.

Tribute to America

We also have a few heartwarming portions of our Pigeon Forge show as well! One of these moments is our beautiful tribute to America and our military members, veterans, and first responders. It’s the best way to end a fun-filled evening! We also offer special discount pricing for military, veterans, and first responders.

Now that you’ve uncovered the top secrets of our Pigeon Forge show, we bet you can’t wait to come see it for yourselves! Get your Comedy Barn tickets today and experience everything we have to offer.